15 Feb-2016

Artist Highlight: Nicolas V Sanchez

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Mueller + Jacobs is delighted to feature the work of Nicolas V Sanchez in our Artist Highlight.

Since being awarded the Art Postgraduate Fellowship at NYAA in 2012, Nicolas V Sanchez has catapulted into acclaim through his talents in painting and drawing. Sanchez has been featured in VOGUE Italia, Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Drawing Magazine, and Fine Art Connoisseur. Since 2012, Sanchez has had solo and group exhibitions in New York, China, and Italy including being featured in the 2015 Venice Biennale. Check out his Instagram (which has over 25,000 followers) to catch a glimpse of his recent works.

M+J sat down with the artist for a quick chat about his work, and whats in store for 2016.


 MJ: Talk to us about about your influences – what inspires your work?

NS: Inspiration comes from different sources and in different forms. My work can be inspired by anywhere from family history and personal identity to methods of art making and various mediums. I am also inspired by how my work leads me into gaining new experiences and meeting new people.


MJ: Where does your aesthetic come from? Are there any artists, throughout history, that you believe really inspire your work?

NS: John Singer Sargent is an artist that has served as an ongoing source of inspiration. The materials I use; oil paint, charcoal, and ink often guide the work.


MJ: You work with a number of different styles – charcoal, paint, ink. Do you feel any of them are more challenging than another? And if so, why?

NS: They all present different yet equal challenges, however, the challenges are mostly found in myself and the way I work with each material. Sometimes I can be too hesitant or passive in a ballpoint pen drawing or too assertive in a painting….balance.


MJ: What advice would you give aspiring artists, that you wish you had been given before starting your career?

NS: Do what feels the best and cut all the rest out of the equation.


MJ: Since you were awarded the NYAA Postgraduate Fellowship in 2014, your career has skyrocketed! Numerous residencies, features, the Venice Biennale and of course your recent commission for Douglas Elliman at Stella Tower! Can you give us any preview of whats in store for 2016?

NS: This year, I will continue to create work for great friends and supporters, but there is an artist residency in Mexico I am working on. I have not set a date, but it will include a workshop and a solo exhibition featuring all new paintings and drawings.


MJ: Exciting times ahead. We can’t wait to see where this year takes you, Nico. Congratulations again on your continued success.


For inquiries about available works by Nicolas V Sanchez, email inquiries@artadvisors.nyc.

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